FutureProof Summit - March 17th 2022



Gendarmerie Nationale

Commander of the Gendarmerie nationale's cyberspace command


Created by decree on 25 February 2021, this major operational command, directly attached to the director general of the national gendarmerie, allows the gendarmerie units and services carrying out a mission in cyberspace to be placed under a single and therefore perfectly identifiable coordination banner. This command is based on 4 main functions: prevention and digital proximity, interventions and investigations related to operations in cyberspace, digital support to operations and the projection of digital evidence experts throughout the territory, and the building of territorial and national partnerships. The ComCyber has authority over all the cyber investigators (10,000) of the Gendarmerie Nationale. By bringing together all its forces in a single structure, the Gendarmerie Nationale has made a choice for coherence and efficiency that will enable the institution to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Considered as an atypical officer and after a first career in the private sector, I now wear two hats that I have cultivated throughout my professional career: general officer, specialised in information systems, my regular stints in this speciality allow me to initiate, direct and carry out the implementation of information systems crucial for the full realisation of the missions of the personnel in the field. Regularly taking up operational positions in the field, this permanent questioning allows me to exercise my abilities as a leader of men and to measure the impact of the systems mentioned as well as the remaining shortcomings. With these two experiences, I am thus progressing in the different fields of activity of a manager.