FutureProof Summit - March 17th 2022


Luca Salgarelli




M.S. in Electronics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, M.Sc. In Computer Science at CEFRIEL/Politecnico di Milano, Luca began his career in 1995 as a researcher at CEFRIEL/Politecnico di Milano, in projects dealing with the then dawning high-speed Internet. In 1998 he joined Bell Labs Research (USA), where he worked on secure mobility support for wireless data networks. In 2003 he was called as an Associate Professor at the University of Brescia, where he created and grew an international research group on secure networking. In 2011 Luca co-founded TSec, an industrial startup in the field of physical security systems, resigning from his tenured position to focus on entrepreneurial activities. At the end of 2015 he spinned-off one of TSec’s projects in what became Inxpect, which he has been leading ever since. === Founded in late 2015 by Luca Salgarelli as a spin-off of the R&D activities of TSec Srl and Superpartes SpA, Inxpect SpA is a company that designs and manufactures smart radar sensors. The company has developed the first - and to date the only - radar systems in the world certified for industrial safety applications. Inxpect sensors are able to detect with certified safety the presence of operators in working areas of any machine or industrial robot, significantly increasing both the safety of operators and the productivity of the machines. The system is now proposed to the market by dozens of distributors and specialized integrators around the world, and it is in the product portfolio, as a brand label, of major companies operating in the field of automation and industrial safety. The company currently employs approximately 60 people (including 18 with a PhD), has headquarters, R&D and production in Italy (Brescia and Florence), part of the R&D in Israel (Haifa), two subsidiaries in Spain and Germany, and in 2021 had a turnover of 3.4 million euros.