FutureProof Summit - March 17th 2022


Sophie Bodin




Maybe Sophie listened to John Lennon's "Imagine" a few too many times growing up but she is convinced that together, we can all make change happen for the better. Imagine a search engine that uses search advertising revenue to fund social and environmental projects. Imagine that you're the one who decides where the money goes. Imagine supporting projects you care about simply through your searches and having your privacy and personal data protected. Wouldn't that be amazing? Well, say hello to L.I.LO. Since 2019, Sophie Bodin is the woman leading Lilo.org, the French alternative to Google that makes it possible to search the web and do some good at the same time. Sophie careers also show that it is never late to start make the choice of a job with substance. Before working to make the Internet a better place, Sophie worked for leading brands in the Telco and B2C sectors, both in France and abroad. Her careers started in Argentina working for the leading dairy brand. Back in France she contributed to develop the usage of internet in (Orange/Wanadoo, 2002 - 2007). In 2007, she joined Innocent drinks when the British smoothie company was making its first steps in France and for 11 years developed the brand journey in France (and a little bit) beyond. Sophie graduated Celsa (1996) & HEC (2013). Sophie will be available for meeting on October 14, at FUTURE PROOF SUMMIT, to tell you how Lilo.org users have already donated more than 4 million euros to hundreds of charities, without taking a cent out of their pockets..