FutureProof Summit - March 17th 2022


Jean-Christophe Vidal


Deputy CEO


Jean-Christophe started his carreer in the financial sector helping private and retail banks improve their processes and keep up-to-date with rapidly evolving international regulations. After having managed the reform of the budget of the French Republic in the mid-2000s, he joined the not-for-profit sector. He has since then dedicated his work mainly to education and social development. He developed executive training programs at Sciences Po, before being appointed CEO to Jenny Aubry, a social and medical NGO. He joined Konexio in 2020 where he currently heads training programs, and manages the financial, HR, and legal departments. Jean-Christophe is also a non executive director to several companies in the financial and chemical industries. He lectures on financial governance and corporate strategy in business schools in France, and in the USA.